Oh, the Joy Of Being A Polo Fan!

Truly and absolutely, watching Polo games is on top of the list, when it comes to exhilarating weekend activities.

As it should be, because:

• You’re out in open nature amid beautiful surroundings.

• You can bring your kids, the dog, a cooler with some drinks and your favorite snacks.

• You can socialize with friends.

• You’ll experience action like nowhere else.

You can’t get any closer to your favorite sport, and nowhere can you find anything more exciting and thrilling. You’ll see closeup the coordinated skills that interact between man and beast.

Polo has become one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Clubs are popping up, tournaments are being played, and the games are enjoyed by fans everywhere.

Follow my blog, where I share awesome game experience. For now, a few pictures should whet your appetite. Come and have fun tailgating, stay for brunch or watch from the stadium!


Yes – you will be THIS close to the action!


Fast, galopping Polo ponies will take your breath away!


Just look at these magnificent creatures!


You can’t ignore the beauty of the game


Need more game info for Wellington, Florida?


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