If You Think That Playing Polo Is Easy…

…then you should come and watch a live game.

Sure, those players make it look easy. That’s because they put in countless practice hours and constantly improving their skills.


Imagine you need to chase a ball that’s no bigger than a softball. With a stick. On horseback.

And if that’s not enough, there’s always someone else who wants to take that ball away from you. Just to have it taken away by someone else. Or maybe it leaves the playing field, which is a real doozy.

You have to recognize the strategy behind each game, anticipate the other players’ moves, and steer your pony towards the ball, within the proper rules.

In the photos below, you’ll see how the players follow the ball with their eyes. A big feat, considering this little white orb travels up to 110 mph.

As a spectator, it’s sometimes difficult to follow the ball, so imagine how razor sharp the players must be and pay attention, so they don’t miss it.

We invite you to experience a live Polo game. You will be mesmerized!


See how Facundo Obregon and Louis Hine watch the movement of the ball


This image makes you understand how tiny the ball really is, especially from up high in a saddle


Every maneuver is practiced for years. After all, nobody wants to incur any penalties.


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